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Discussion in 'Options' started by failed_trad3r, May 13, 2010.

  1. Should I buy BIDU calls or puts in the coming days? I nibbled and bought a BIDU call. It went down in value 20% already :(
  2. Datradr


    stock went from the 100$ low all the way to 820$ (pre-split price)

    and you buy a call option? not a very good trade even if it works out..IMO

    but I wish you luck
  3. is a trade idea i posted in the stock forum yesterday:

    05-12-10 03:55 PM

    ....5/12/2010, BIDU @78.12, target $100......time, ~6 mo.

    ....wait for pull back

    ....go long a call option, strike just OTM (or just ITM if more conservative), time ~9 mo. (or longer if more conservative) a time or loss $ amount to get out if it doesnt move in right direction a time or profit $ amount to close if moves in right direction

    ....monitor market and position for changing conditions


  4. spindr0


    Maybe if you buy a put it will go up ?
  5. OMG, im out. Thats $300 down the drain.

    Damn I shouldnt have bought a call but a put.
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