BIDU may fall 36% - Oppenheimer

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    14:44 BIDU 2008 will be a more difficult year for BIDU; valuation has 36% downside risk - Oppenheimer (239.66 -2.75)

    Oppenheimer says the primary issue with BIDU is that revenues are unpredictable; and given slowing growth in 1Q and margins under pressure from its Japan investments, investors do not know how to model or value the stock. With Olympics incrementally benefiting display and higher local advertising, they think '08 will be a more difficult year for BIDU. While BIDU shares are down 41% from its 52-week high, they note the shares are trading at a 250% premium to its peers. During 2007, we saw the share trough at a 160% premium, suggesting 36% downside on a relative basis.
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    Probably looking to buy shares cheap before the conf next week, typical asshole games.
  3. And May Go Up Too!

    Or May Stay The Same!
  4. yup went straight up after this. typical
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    Or may be they have been retained by Microsoft or AOL to acquire chinese properties. 36% downside from here will make Bidu a very good acquisition
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    short term target prices

    BIDU $185-200
    GOOG $375-$400
    YHOO $24-26

    Yahoo should have said YESSSSS the day MSFT offered them 40+ billion, yahoo is getting greedy, they should take the buyout and be happy, without the buyout yahoo would be trading at new 52 week lows.

    As for google, when ohhh when will these foolish analysts announce some downgrades on GOOG, after it falls below $425 or $400, or will it be $375. GOOGLE is down over 40% in the last couple of months and every analyst still thinks there is great growth ahead for goog over the next 6-12 months, wake up the stock is headed below $400.
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    Downgrading search is like downgrading internet. More people are on internet than any other subscription service. In developing countries, the first english word that people learn is "Google".

    Wait till the earnings and all critics will be silenced. Until then take your best shot.
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    BIDU up $12 from their slimey downgrade. If there was any transparency it would show that they probably bought on that downgrade but the SEC is asleep at the wheel as usual.
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    Now up $32 from their call lol, they did a great job screwing a few weak longs on that one. Gotta love WS :) Would love to know how much their traders scooped up under $240. SEC? SEC? Bueller?
  10. isn't down 40% from high is enough? I just love these analyst come out and recommend sell after the stock has already off 40% or so from the high.

    Remind me of the analyst recommend a buy for Google after it hit 735 or something.
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