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  1. TM1982


    Anyone getting long here? Very close to all-time high, just passed 52 week high!
  2. S2007S


    this is going to $1000 just like all dot coms should.

    google and bidu will both be at $1000 by early 2010

    Keep buying.

  3. TM1982


    LOL, good one.
  4. gimp570


    I agree....1000 bucks...i dont know what time frame though but BIDU is gonna have a higher price that GOOGLE...
  5. gimp570


    rockin again today.....seems strong
  6. Bootsie


    YA, LONG 7 months ago. The Risk/Reward is horrible for a position trade .... now.
  7. My observation is that BIDU keeps moving up and down against the 50 day moving average. So basically it will surge forward, pullback some and the surge forward.

    I suspect the longer term trend is up and in 1 year it will be like Google in 2004-2005 where it just keeps adding on points. 600? 1000? 1500? Its anyone's guess how high it could go. Somehow this service is in the popular culture of evergrowing China which has 5 times the audience of America.

    If I had to make a decision, then I would say to buy on a pullback. I wouldn't go long here.
  8. Trendline el-busto or will it hold?
  9. Bootsie


    Good luck and thanks for the donation.