Bidu Is Headed Much Much Higher! Bidu 700!!!

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  1. Listen up people, listen up. I am tired of your bullshit. I post up these great calls warning you about the coming slide in Google and Apple and you mocked me. You made fun of me. I didnt hear even one apology or "adda boy" for me being right. Many of you just quietly slithered away into your hole. Thats right, walk away tough guy. Walk away.

    Now I am about to make another call which will also be right. BIDU is headed straight for 700. It is time to get long now, I mean right now.

    Spare me your bullshit, your chart patterns, wave theorums and complex indicators. What I say goes. If I say its going to 700, then thats where its going. I dont want to hear it. There will be no polls here inviting your participation. This is not a democracy. Where I say BIDU goes, thats where it goes.

    So join me in welcoming BIDU to a much higher plain of existence.

    BIDU 700!!!!! You hear me! BIDU 700!!!

  2. At least post the news....You probably want people to think you are a genuis. BIDU is already up 25 pts in after hours.

    SAN FRANCISCO — Google Inc. will stop censoring its search results in China and may pull out of the country after discovering that computers hackers had tricked human rights activists into opening their e-mail accounts to outsiders.
  3. Welcome to the internet old chap! We are all tough guys around here. If you get bent every time someone badmouths you, bulletin boards may not be for you.

    As for your prognostications, I welcome them. What are your feelings on the retail sector?
  4. Not much of a call when you don't mention a time frame. Just about every growth stock will double eventually.
  5. Ahhh man! Look, BIDU up another 50 points today. All you nay sayers talking smack. BIDU only gets higher from here!
  6. dont know about BIDU., but as soon as GOOG reaches an agreement with the chinese govt, GOOG willl rocket, and BIDU will tank

    the usual buy the rumor, sell the news... ha ha.
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    LOL, good call, but the news was out already when you posted your "prediction"...
  8. It's not even a good call unless bidu is now at 700.
  9. As usual, I login to see how you guys are making excuses about not getting in on shares of BIDU and criticizing me.

    Look people. Time to cut it out with the bullshit. You are to immediately hit that buy button on BIDU. I dont care about your insecurities, your cup and flying saucer bullshit.

    Its time to get serious and be a man about getting some BIDU. Any takers?
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