BIDU is a screaming BUY said this guy

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  1. Moving up within a well defined uptrend channel. Look for a break above the 143 level for a run towards 150 in the short term. For longer term trade the channel buy the lower end of the channel and sell into the higher. Stops below the lower white line of the channel for longs. Price target for mid term is 165. Technical indicators are supporting the bulls. RSI is moving up and above its 50% level. Stochastic are also in buy mode. MACD is positive and above the signal line. You need to put this stock on your watchlist next week and pay special attention to the price and the volume action.

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  2. Besides not using any indicators with predictive value, I don't know anybody who uses bidu.
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    Oh dear, someone else that believes that there is no life outside of the USA?

    420M People In China Have Internet Access, 99% Use Baidu For Search

    so that looks like 415 million+ users just for a start!

    and if you google a bit you may find that Apple has just announced that it is to use BIDU as it's search engine.