BIDU - ipo day trading stories

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  1. BIDU was crazy on IPO day.

    Let's hear some of your trading stories from trading it.
  2. Here is a quick summary.

    Everyone made thousands if not millions of dollars and not one trader lost a cent.
  3. empee


    i tried to short it but no shares on IB to short. Would have made +8 bux (short form 133 cover 125) end of day, which sux. I lost $1.5 on the long side previous to the trade i couldn't do. ;/

    i wasn't around most of the day so all i got was end of day action which I couldnt participate in :(

    hmm.. i can go long but I cant short, wonder why it was bid up so high :)

    ,.. must have been the marketmakers squeezing it to get it up high to bring in the public on ipos again, 1 things for s ure how many more search engines are going to go public... omg

    the market maker thing was sarcasm btw
  4. sounds like ipo fever is back. dow 25000, here we come!!

    lots -- LOTS -- of money on the sidelines.
  5. I thought you couldnt short IPO's for 30 days?
  6. You can't, unless ur a mkt mkr, thats y I dont inderstand half these posts who state they tried to short
  7. I refinanced my house and pawned my dog to buy shares.

    Pookie don't worry, daddy is coming back to get you once the bid hits 180.
  8. gambling, nothing else... c'mon guys.
  9. sammybea


    Hydro, I missed those ipo days.. I can't even imagine how much you guys banked on this. Congrats.
  10. I missed them as well.

    I'm guessing you don't recognize sarcasm very well.

    BIDU was equivalent of a casino. Just like gamblers, you only hear about the great wins but the much greater losses never get mentioned.
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