bidu/goog setups for today

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    there are going to be some great setups in goog and bidu today for u options traders..

    after shorting BIDU after hours last night on my cell (google cell phone with the ameritrade application-iStockmanager), I covered and left over $12,000 on the table by not waiting until this morning to cover. WTF! will try and be more patient with the options trades

    GOOG today: likely, lots of shorts went in GOOG hoping the BIDU weakness would spill over...The MM's are gonna keep it up (currently at 548.52) and likely try and rally it to shake off the shorts. Then they'll tank it later in the day.

    the trade: wait for a GOOG rally, and go long Nov puts, either ITM or OTM.

    BIDU: this one is gonna be tricky. Neke, if u are playing bidu today, i pray u have good luck with it cause it can be pretty wicked. sometimes, u have to be in real pain before u see green due BIDU's volatile nature. the low premarket was 346.50 so far. its now up almost 9 points from there to 356. There will likely be some rally , for short covering reasons and bottom fishers.

    the trade: when BIDU rallies, go long the Nov puts, either ITM or OTM, whichever u prefer. Just be very careful with this one and SCALE into positions.

    good luck all. will post more screenshots if I trade these guys today.
  2. This mindset is common and it's just wrong.

    You made a trade. You made the decision to close the trade. Period.

    If you claim to leave money on the table every time you don't achieve the maximum possible outcome from a trade, you are going to be repeating that same story over and over.

    You exited the trade. you took your profit (or sometimes a loss). that's it. It's no longer your position, You left NOTHING on the table.

    You might as well gripe about not buying GOOG on the IPO or not owning walmart 20 years ago.

  3. erol


    "after shorting BIDU after hours last night on my cell (google cell phone with the ameritrade application-iStockmanager)"


    I'm posting this from my iPhone... The safari app...
  4. Its always a good idea to jump into the afterhour markets from your cell phone!!
  5. adam772


    of course its great to jump in after hours on your cell phone . especially when u can make an easy 5 points on a weak stock right after earnings release.

    Or XFLAT, must u only enter a trade in front of a 5 monitor glorious daytrader setup?? :confused:
  6. Naaa, but the after hours markets are so thin and jumpy and your cell phone does not have the ability to keep up with the real market. But if it makes you feel good to announce you claim to do it go right ahead.
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    I just use my cell phone to make calls. No, I take that back. I also look at the time sometimes too, but my ringtone is Miley Cyrus.:cool:
  8. gobar


    look @ bidu perfect Megaphone top..

    this sucker is going below 300 soon
  9. gobar


    I am waiting for BIDU to hit 410
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