Bidu & Fslr..

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stocktrader2007, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Both of these stocks were raising continuously last few trading sessions.. Whether this will continue next week is the question.. Sounds like its the right time for the puts play..
  2. I guess it depends on your timeframe. Bidu has broken its downtrend, and there is little doubt it will continue this upward move at least back to 325-350 area.

    FSLR has been in such a strong move we will probably have some pullback, but it sure looks to me like we are going to new highs.

  3. BIDU is very strong stock with exceptional fundamentals that has been mauled by short sellers and bears in this rampage in the first quarter for no good reasons at all. BIDU has formed a cup shaped base and is working off the right side and its above 28, 50, 200 Moving Averages. It can easily regain 350-400 levels given a bullish market. I trade BIDU everyday and you can daytrade it with its 15 point daily swings.

    FSLR is a high flying leading stock in the solars and has exceptionally good numbers and fundamentals. It's a bit overextended at the moment, and there maybe some short selling and bear raids coming up.

    Try to get in on pullbacks and let it ride. Both are money makers.
  4. Michael scott?