BIDU earnings

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  1. what numbers are they going to have to put up for the stock to run, given how much it's already run in the recent past?
  2. anyone know what time it's coming out?? Only info i got is the conference call is at 8pm.
  3. although the conference call is at 8pm, I thought they normally send out a press release at 4:30
  4. usually it is 4:30 all in!
  5. what was up with that quick dip to 334, not back up to 340
  6. not sure???? Check last quarter and it came out at 4:30pm. Conference call was the same time as last quarter.
  7. all in short or long?
  8. To be honest, earnings play only a small part in BIDU earnings, it has a PE of 130+ after all.

    What moves BIDU is the movement of the stock market indexes, specially Nasdaq.
    Consider BIDU a leveraged QQQQ.
  9. I went long in the AH at 350

    the futures are flat and this will open higher than the final AH price due to futures drift

  10. futs are down 4 handles. 1388 at the close. As long as the cc is good at 8 looks good.
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