BIDU earnings plays

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  1. Anybody going to be doing a BIDU earnings play? Any options plays that present a good risk to reward ratio?

    I've been thinking about it but decided against it because every strategy seems too risky. Since BIDU has come down so much I was thinking it could explode but RBC put out a cautious note on it.
  2. So?

    Those mooks have an an agenda....just like all other brokerage houses.

    Never listen to anything they have to say.
  3. Buy Buy Buy.

    BIDU going to 315 (today) AT LEAST!
  4. anybody going to do a straddle or strangle on BIDU? I heard straddles/strangles in most situations end up losing money. Can any options experts tell me if they are really generally plays for suckers? From my research it appears so except in rare situations. This is unfortunate because I was looking for a good way to make bets that a stock will have a volatile movement one way or another, but of course this expectation must have been already priced into the options. So I don't know how to make a profitable bet that a stock will have a huge move on earnings.
  5. No need to make a bet.
    It's going up.
    Buy 10K shares now.
    Log off, come in tomorrow up 300Gs.

    No worries.
  6. too much of a gamble. the conference call is at 8pm. if the call sucks, you're stuck in the stock till the morning.
  7. Short it. GOOG tanked on its last earnings ... why would BIDU do any better?

    (disclaimer: in the event BIDU rockets, I probably changed my opinion at 3:59 and just didn't have time to post ... :D )
  8. is it ever possible to trade a stock past 8pm, or is that a hard cutoff for the afterhours?
  9. anyone who buys bidu into earnings is friggin nuts. don't get me wrong the payout could be huge. look at FSLR today. if they miss or lower guidence,its a 20 point drop at least.
  10. 20 points is just a regular day for BIDU. I've seen it move 60 points multiple times
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