BIDU earnings play got the guts?

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  1. BIDU's earnings are due on 10/25/2007. Its vols are dropping since it moved up 10% today. Still we are looking 84 vols on November expiration. Its a deadly Chinese dragon hissing fire and moving like a wild serpent side to side.

    But this Earnings Rodeo, I rode all the bulls like GOOG, AAPL, RIMM, YHOO, AMZN etc etc. I won all the rides and won a small jackpot. So whats a $ 349 Chinese commie dragon doing in our yard?

    I would like people to put forth ideas how this dragon can be tamed and if you have specific trades and know how to tame dragons with a mighty whip ?

    I have one such mighty weapon in my arsenal, a howitzer of sorts that shoots artillery fire and subdues mighty stocks like Google, Apple, RIMM and others .


    BIDU just broke out from a triangular bullish consolidation pattern on heavy volumes. I was worried it could easily drop down as well, since the pattern looked somewhat bearish in nature. With this new breakout on heavy volume we can see some higher highs in coming weeks. The earnings reports may stoke some more fuel. I think the stock has lots more to go.
  2. triangular bullish consolidation pattern... that sure is a douchebaggy way of saying it went up and then down....
  3. OK, I'll bite. What is your mighty weapon?

  4. How do you trade stocks? From the seats of your pants?

  5. Hmm..I would love to hear your side first.
  6. Just as $95 crude will make $75 crude look cheap (and $87 crude already makes $60 crude look cheap), $350 bidu will make $300 bidu look cheap.

    Same goes for AMZN at $100 vs $88. I simply don't get the valuation multiple on AMZN.... That stock shouldn't be worth more than $55 on a PEG valuation basis. But the market obviously doesn't agree, so I've given up a long time ago.

    To BIDU .... its all about the guidance, not the earnings #. But I imagine even if they disappoint, you won't get your 100 pt selloff.

    The money flow in this market is pretty nuts. Selling all small caps, financials, etc. and buying materials, fertilizers, solar power, china, and tech. So healthy a bull !!
  7. You guys will be cows being lead to slaughter.

    Have fun :D
  9. I have the guts for a bidu earnings play... what I don't have is the balls.
  10. Joab


    BIDU is totally different then American high beta tech companies because it's valuation is based upon the potential future earnings not the present quarter.

    Fade it.
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