BIDU CFO what?

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  1. Last time I was in a stock & this happened the stock plummeted!
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    where did you see this? i can't find any news on this?? thanks!
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  4. don't worry. the cso is still alive, dr. william i chang. he is brilliant.
  5. Damn, im short too...., hate to make money this way... I did short at 409.70 though, looks weak on the 60 min, I will cover monday, but looks like i will make a little more than anticipated

    One thing that appears odd, maybe its not... why was the news reported today?... It was the 26th in china when he died, 27th here, why wait till the 29th to release the news?
  6. I've never seen this NOT impact an equity in a negative way.
  7. It would be interesting if Chinese government officials or BIDU employees shorted this stock on trading Friday. It is a communist state and there has been past issues like with gold shorting and not paying.
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    Nice triple negative. :D
  9. Wow. Really sad.
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