Bidu Bidu Bidu

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by spiritearth, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. How far will it dip? I will 90% buy if it reaches 120.

    100% at 115, but this is unlikely.

    What do you think? Now or wait?

    Earnings Oct 27, Will blow Google Away.
  2. thanks for letting us know that... do you know someone at the company?
  3. rhetorical?
  4. i think you missed your trade by about 2 weeks.
  5. it's okay. there's always more time. Have any other choices for strong buys right now then? Thanks! God bless.
  6. likely looking for a intraday position trade on appl tomorrow if it fills some of the gap

    and contemplating jva short pending what it does next few days.
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    If you like trading BIDU on an intra-day level then you should consider WYNN it has a similar daily movement to BIDU. I trade both BIDU and WYNN a lot and in my opinion those are the best day trading stocks for the mid 100s category.
  8. Thanks. WYNN is looking good actually!

  9. lol

    does every stock look good to you.... ??!

    so... why is WYNN 'looking good'?! What price do you see it at next
    week ?

    next month?
  10. BIDU is a move, but take a look at the move in SINA yesterday. WOW !
    #10     Oct 19, 2011