BIDU be done?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by blackchip, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Nothings for sure, but BIDU looks ready for a dive.

    RIMM not looking healthy either.
  2. neke


    Buy RIMM on any drop from these levels. That will pay off
  3. BlackChip,

    What gives you the impression BIDU and RIMM are set to fall?

    Just curious.

  4. Neke,

    That's what I'm seeing on both RIMM and BIDU, which is why I asked.

  5. Forming double top on BIDU.

    RIMM just looks weak. Maybe back down to touch the gap.

    I'm not talking about them crashing to zero. I thought the subject line sounded cool. LOL.

    Of course if BIDU breaks out all bets are off.

  6. I think so too from monday
    BIDu will dive to 173 IMO

    rimm as well... shold be a fast dive

    Buying SBUX and BBH + JNPR +LUV this week

  7. Nice Call
    My best estimate for entry is 24.7...But sometimes taking the flow is easier I guess
    The speed of the Drops on Bidu and rimm is just blowing my mind
    I really thing they crash way fast
  8. RIMM and BIDU are both way up in Pre-Market Trading.

    BIDU is up $3.92
    RIMM is up over $2.00
  9. That's interesting.


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