BIDU and Google

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  1. Are BIDU and Google affiliated in any way? I always hear the two mentioned in tandem. I have not been keeping up with stocks as I'm not trading futures. (much more simplistic and less stressful for me atleast). I usually don't care but in this particular case I was just curious.

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    Baidu is China's leading search engine...Google is paired with another leading, although far from Baidu in rankings hit-wise, search engine.

    That's about the gist of it. There's more but I don't have the time tonight...if I get a chance I'll write more tomorrow.

  3. China index vs BIDU divergence. I still think bidu touches 104 soon. my opinion only.

  4. google has a block of bidu shares... pre IPO that is... i think you can see that in the prospectus
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    pretty sure they've liquidated was only like 600k shares or something...just off the top of my head.