Bidu about to tank down below $80

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Rearden Metal, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. thorn


    What does CRM have to do w DAKT? Other that they both will report earnings, do you see any similarities between the 2 companies?
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  2. thorn


    I highly doubt you don't have a long position. There's always one ET'er in the crowd who must post "I'm long!" or just be opposite.

    I bet RM is using his noodle, and all his trading experience to make his evaluation. It's knowledge accumulated over a long period of time.
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  3. compare the activity on both. crm has an over the top P/E ratio, has always come in -very- close for comfort on earnings reports, and with the economy's behavior as of late, may do poorly. The stock has really overshot as late, as well.

    It only takes a penny below expectations for a serious drop... :) ie HANS
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  4. thorn


    ANF just reported yesterday after the close, they technically "missed", albeit by a very small margin. Was it a seriuos drop there?
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  5. But there was no runup before earnings. And their PE ratio is in healthy territory.
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  6. thorn


    Well said. You graduated from the university too, right RM? Excellent answer, please hang around this thread and feel free to share with us your short trades into earnings and the results!

    Starting today, are you gonna short CRM?
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  7. DAKT down $4 in the PM?

    U R a jeenius RM! :cool:

    early yet, tho
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  8. md2952


    Nice call
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  9. thorn


    Many thanks RM, 5% , 10%?? no I didn't think 30%!! Great work!

    I covered @ 24.05.. beyond my wildest dreams! I'm done for the day :)
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  10. RM , can you ask your muse to visit you no later than 3:55 pm next time ?
    You know , for an option's traders among us.
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