Bidu about to tank down below $80

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Rearden Metal, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. Ok, Here we go!

    See DAKT at $31.00?
    It will be down over 5% from this level before tommorow's close.
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  2. thorn


    Dear Reardon Metal:

    Thank you for your idea. All the quibbling on this site i've done just became worth it. I don't know if you know me from my past endeavors, but you have obviously grauduated from the same University as me. DAKT is exactly what i'd be looking for and shorting. And so I shorted it. After you alerted ET to the ticker, I did quick DD just to make sure, and then emphatically shorted it on my own. You are a wise man. This type of play is exactly what i'd be looking for. Unfortunately, I cannot follow 2000+ stocks, so I miss alot of good shorts. This is a University special. You have my respect, win or lose. Thanks for sharing your idea.


    ps I shorted med yesterday, but since this board is so damn hostile, I never tell my specific plays. I give you alot of credit.
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  3. Awesome! I do remember your calls on CME & TZOO, and I haven't seen you make any wrong calls on individual stocks.
    Kudos on your ability to turn on a dime (From your decision to fade my next pick, to quickly deciding to do the exact opposite instead.) Many traders fail because they are stubborn, and can't do that.

    Can I go 3-for-3 in this thread? We'll find out soon enough...
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  4. thorn


    HEY RM, please check your pm box.

    3 for 3? I see bidu, and now dakt, did I miss 1?

    5%?? this will be down over 10% tomorrow :)
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  5. <i>HEY RM, please check your pm box. </i>

    ---> OK, will do.

    <i>3 for 3? I see bidu, and now dakt, did I miss 1?</i>

    ---> #1) "Bidu about to tank down below $80 (in AH trading)."

    #2) Once the first call materialized, I made my second call: "Tomorrow, BIDU opens near the high of the day and proceeds to sell off all day, closing near its low."

    One stock, two separate calls.

    <i>5%?? this will be down over 10% tomorrow :)</i>

    ---->That would be beyond awesome. I didn't want to set the bar too high. :p
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  6. I have the exact opposite position. I'm long DAKT going into earnings. We'll see what happens.
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  7. You might still be able to get out in the pre-open, depending on what time they report. Otherwise, you'll be so-rreeeeeee...
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  8. You're pretty confident, and I don't have reason to doubt you. You have a good track record so far. Are you leveraged with a ton of puts?

    Also, are you using fundamentals for your evaluation, technicals, or a combination? You don't have to give me your secrets, obviously.
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  10. What are your thoughts on CRM ( ??? same story??
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