Bidu about to tank down below $80

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Rearden Metal, Jul 26, 2006.

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    Whoa. Was it really you who saw the future or one of your "little friends" living inside you? Nice call either way.
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    The same people who watch Fox TV and believe it's the source of "fair and balanced" news are the same who think Cramer is the source of all great market calls. You gotta love the dumb sheep. ROTFLMAO! :D
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  3. Ok, I have an idea... sort of.

    Back at Schonfeld, I've watched incredible, cash-cow trading strategies become <b>completely worthless</b>, because they were taught to too many traders. Therefore I'm <b>extremely guarded</b> about sharing even the slightest details about what I do. As it is, I already get in <b>my own</b> way all the time, due to the size I'm moving. The easiest way to abruptly end a conversation with me, is to ask <b>anything</b> about my methods.

    ...but the predictions I made in this thread- I come up with that stuff all the time. On Sunday night, I PMed a few select friends with the following message:
    (Sunday, July 23)
    "I think you'll find this useful: We're going to rally strongly this week. SPY is now at 124. It'll be up above 127 (at least)before the week is over. Get long, not short.

    The current (incorrectly) bearish sentiment is now stewed to perfection. Please don't tell anyone the rally prediction came from me- I wouldn't want to influence the current sentiment levels."

    Now, I'm really not eager to become some kind of 'vendor' or 'guru'. (Yuck! Even the words make me cringe.)
    But theoretically, I could do the following:
    Traders who do at least 150-200K shares/day (or at least, expect to soon get up to that size) could open an account with EchoTrade through me at very competitive rates (Probably the same or lower than what you're paying now elsewhere.) I'd be getting a small piece of your commissions. In return, I could have my clerk email or message you (MSN messenger, probably) with some of my more promising calls. There wouldn't be that many of them- maybe 20-40 per year. (It could be more or less though. I really have no idea at this point) I wouldn't want to accept too many traders under this arrangement. Guys who do very significant size... I might throw in a few 'fishing poles' with their fish. I couldn't just offer this for a flat subscription fee- the amount I'd have to charge for this to be worthwhile- is just ridiculously high.

    I probably sound way out of line, but some of you have seen my posts to the P/L thread, and have a better idea of my skill level.
    I'm not committing myself to this idea right now- it could be way more hassle than it's worth, and I already pull in my 7-figures without whoring out my talent to other traders. If I get significant feedback that my idea is sleazy and would truly make me look bad, I'll probably drop the whole thing immediately.

    Also, I know you're not supposed to make commercial offers on E.T. without paying the house. TL, if this post counts as such, just PM me with the bill and an address to send my payment.
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    Cramer needs to write a book on how to lose viewers money...
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    To tell you the truth I didn't think you would take my comment literally. I've just noticed you as well as a number of others in the P/L thread that really are kick a$$ traders. I was only paying a well deserved compliment.

    I hope you don't get in "trouble". Since I'll have to share the blame cause I brought it up!
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  6. I know.. and I'm really just floating a trial balloon here.
    This could turn out to be one of my worst ideas ever! :D

    Oh.. and 'trouble' (with Baron) isn't even possible here. If I'm told to pay E.T. for posting that message, I will pay.
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    bidu is a lot of stronger than amzn. amzn hits 52w low, bidu did not. bidu still has good growth. however the sector got killed, yhoo, ebay, amzn, goog, so it is pretty safe to short. but i still like goog short much better. they have not come up anything meaning for. gmail, gtalk, gpay are all junks. charts look bleeding too.

    anything, no money for anything but earning trading now. when the earning season will be over?
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  8. Dude, I'm already 100% <b>out</b> of this trade.
    Like almost all of my trades, it was just meant to be a quick hit.
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    just fade Cramer. Now excuse me while I go and collect whatever fine meats and cheeses I have and FedEx them to RM.
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    I had an idea too, had you read the thread about linking a mortgage to a checking account, the idea is instead of letting cash sitting there it could be use to lower the interest without actually paying the principle. And I was thinking I could pay you a linking fee to hook up with your account, wild eh!
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