Bidu 550

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  1. Im calling it. Mark this post. BIDU 550, no specific time frame, but it will happen within the next 3 months.
  2. 550 bidu? They can pull the plug and drop it back to 200.That call is a bit of a reach, we will see in 3 months where she ends up.
  3. Div_Arb


    A 52% rise from these levels in 3 months seems rational. .. Yeah 200 p/e doesn't seem out of line or anything..
  4. No need to try to impress anyone with the call. Just put your money in the stock and reap those big rewards.
  5. Exactly. Put money in your money and short it, or buy a lot of OOM put.

  6. ammo


    i would guess 320 then 220 by oct,just a guess,it seems like a dot com stock,wouldnt put a lot of money on 550 or 220 but am looking for a train ride to the 320 station,just waitin for the passengers to board
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    Port - you are one funny guy ( "Good Fellows" ) - as I can see - you are posting more than you are trading

    "Wall Street never changes, the pocket change, the suckers change, but Wall Street never changes, because human nature never changes" Jesse Livermore
  8. P/E doesnt mean anything especially to a growth stock in China with 1-2 billion people. Im pointing my bat at the stands. This goes to 550.

    The next Google. Bidu.

  9. I do my research in the night and then trade in the day. Trading involves pushing a few buttons and waiting or just simply waiting and pushing no buttons. Its not laborious. Im just some dude in my underwear with an Ameritrade account. F8ck IB.

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    So which low are you conveniently going to be buying at?

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