Bids Braking Down in ES & How to Play It

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by NoiseTrader, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. I use higher timeframe analysis and prop calculations to monitor where value buyers are willing to offset momentum sellers (I update these on my weblog)

    It allowed me to buy Gold recently on 3/23 (still long) and many other stocks and futures with a high win-raito and minimal risk.

    Here's my near term trading plan for trading the stock indices.

    You can also download my daily trading notes in the attached PDF and see my current positions with stops.
  2. you mean 4/3
  3. Your stop for GLD is higher than your entry price. Is this a buy stop?
  4. You got it backwards -- I bought Gold on the Close of 3/23 at 54.75; I took partial profits along the way I have a loose trailing stop at 54.87.

    You can download the Excel files with the trades I'm posting (and trading).

    Come trade with me and see for yourself...

    I'll gladly send you or anyone interested my daily trading plan. Just go to my weblog at: And select the "BUY LIST" icon.
  5. Welcome as a sponsor but you are posting the same posts and text in multiple threads and starting multiple threads with the same cut and pasted words.

    I think once is more than enough to make the point ;).

    I think even though you are a sponsor, spreading the same text in al the threads will turn people off so target the text better :D
  6. I'm new to these forums and still feeling my way around...

    Thanks for the heads up.