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  1. From: "BIDHITTER" <>
    Date: September 27, 2011 14:49:13 PDT
    Subject: Propriety Trading Opportunities Without a Series 56 Requirement (US & International)
    Dear Trader-

    Bidhitter has been able to work out a smoking deal for US and International equity traders to prop trade without the need for a Series 56 License and with a low minimum deposit.

    No more studying for tests.

    No more paying for exam fees.

    We offer multiple trading platforms including Lightspeed and 20:1 leverage.

    Best of all, you pick the commission structure.

    Our tagline is "No BS market analysis", so here's a no bs opportunity we thought we'd extend your way.

    If you are interested in learning more, send an email to and we will provide you with more information.


    BIDHITTER 7714 N Rodeo Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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  3. hitnrun


    real professional operation . i guess they will find a few suckers to sign up as most do. got to love the beverly hills address. they will be out of business soon . what a joke
  4. ken__0


    LOL It's like the carrot at the end of the stick ..
    It's the only way they can watch ..
    One of the blog posts was titled basic 'beat the algo's" seems like a fools game
    or maybe not
    If your going to lose all your money might as well get drunk..
    Seriously,, who wants to get drunk watching cnbc thats just evil ..:(
  5. Lornz


    "Guaranteed Profits In The Treasury Market

    Want a virtually guaranteed profit in the treasury market?
    This calculator will show you everything you need to know to put this trade on, effectively manage your margin and your risk so that you can take advantage of this trade regardless of market conditions.
    Do you have X amount of dollars and don't know what to do with it?
    This tool will also show you exactly how big of a position you can effectively take in this trade without having to lose sleep over it.

    What do I get when I purchase this product?
    1. You get an excel spreadsheet that will automatically calculate everything you need to know by filling out just a couple of inputs.

    2. You will get my personal contact information and I will walk you through the logic, the math and show you how to use the spreadsheet. I'll show you the math on why it's virtually guaranteed to work. I will also explain to you the economic ramifications of this trade and why it works. We'll be best friends for as long as it takes to get paid off on this trade, however it's pretty simple so you'll understand it right away.

    Does it really cost $100,000 to buy this information?

    How is this "virtually guaranteed" to work?
    It's simple math and the trade is hedged. I will explain all of this to you in more detail upon purchase.

    Are you in the trade yourself?
    Absolutely, this is the same tool I use to position myself in the very same trade.

    I'm a Hedge Fund and have lots of $$$, is this trade applicable to my situation?
    Of course, it's specifically designed to cater to larger positions, allows for tiered entry, "worst case scenarios" etc.

    Is this investment advise?
    No way! This is our opinion only and you should always consult with your registered financial advisor before making any investment! Read our full disclaimer HERE

    I don't think i can use paypal to send 100k, can I wire the funds to you instead?
    Sure, inquire within. Certified cashiers check is also doable.

    Have more questions? Call me! 847-866-9590

    Price: $100000.00

    Add to cart "

    I'll let you guys know how it turns out.... :D
  6. ken__0


    guaranteed huh ok sign me up ,, im only short 99,999.98 i just got my two cents..
    Wonder how many they get with this ?
    Some one should call them and record it :D
  7. Anybody know of any Android call recording apps? Jk. We all know thats illegal without consent :cool:
  8. JamesL


    Use Google Voice with your Android (or any) phone. If you place the call thru the service, press 4 to record the entire conversation and it is saved in your Google profile.
  9. ken__0


    If they are in cali it's suppose to be a two party state so you may need a beep.. ? tricky business
    dat line hey man im just recording to keep track of my investments might work.
    Just using the voice recorder feature and using the speakerphone on my android works:D
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