Biden's in a bind

Discussion in 'Politics' started by james_bond_3rd, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. Will he attack or will he not attack? If he treats Palin as his equal and attack anything that she says wrong, he would look vicious. If he treats Palin gently and not attack, then he would look condescending.

    What a dilemma.
  2. That's a good point. He doesn't want to be seen as picking on the woman, or picking on the less intelligent.
  3. Both should just stick with the facts and what their opinion is on the facts.

    I'm more interested in who reaches logical conclusions based on well-structured arguments.

  4. why the dilemma?

    this hand wringing is why democrats lose.

    Biden should go for the jugular and rip it out.

    Politics is war. The blood spilled is either yours or your opponents.

    Biden should hammer her on ALL aspects of her ignorance.

    Right after the debates, the Obama campaign should do a quick poll on the reaction of the UNDECIDEDs.

    If Biden is perceived to have come out as too harsh, the Campaign should pretend to take Biden to task.

    If the perception is 50/50. Then make footage of Palins waffling and PLASTER the footage in all the states where the race is close.

    This gay vacillating hand-wringing is why democrats are not trusted in most areas of govt.
  5. I hope Biden has as much class as McCain showed for Obama regarding differing experience in the Senate.

    Without a doubt I'm sure Biden has dealt with many tough opponets over the years, if Biden intends to rip into Palin, grace and diginity under pressure will prevail from Palin.
  6. It'll be interesting to see if Joe shakes her hand as a greeting, or goes for the "hug" she seems to be so fond of.
  7. True, but he can bait her and if she reacts in the wrong way, she can come off looking like a bitch. Like it or not, if a woman acts in a very assertive, aggressive manner, she can be perceived, most importantly by other women, as being a bitch.

    If she's smart she doesn't go that route, but instead tries to look like she's trying her best but is getting attacked unfairly. That is disaster for Biden as all the sympathy will be for Palin.

    I do agree that Biden has a delicate job, but he can do serious damage if he spends the time doing a lot of homework and preparing himself fully. Not sure if he's the type.

    The most watched Vice-Presidential candidate's debate in history coming up!
  8. That's the key. But this is not really in American culture. Our schools never train us this way. Maybe 1 in 100 people can do this. Is Biden the one senator among the 100? Not likely.