Biden's fantastic. She's barely hanging in there.

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  1. What a great debate!
  2. This folksy crap is a real insult to college grads. It could really backfire with independent voters if they think their intelligence is being insulted by Palin.
  3. She's studying her notes when Biden is talking.

    Is she even listening to him?
  4. Hmmm... I'm not seeing a 'great debate'. I am seeing more of the Dem strategy. Biden has not once said her name. He is talking exclusively about McCain in every answer, even if she starts by attacking him directly.

    He has clearly been told not to leap at her when she gives one of her by-now patented non-answers. I felt badly for her when she was asked the question about the Constitution and the Executive Branch. She had no idea what was meant and basically said 'I'll be working hard as Vice-President'.

    Still, I have to wonder about the Dem strategy. No-attack? Hmmm...

    Palin did as good a job as she was capable of doing.


    This is a nice scene, though - all the family members shaking hands at least.
  5. Biden should have brought up the fact that she got the Generals name wrong

  6. She isn't running for PTA president or girl scout troop leader.

    She should do the nation a favor and go back home.

    what's wrong with americans?

    why are they a tad "special".

    Is it the hormones in the milk?

    The never ending malicious vaccines?

    The dead cow meal fed to dairy cows?

    there must be something in their diet that makes their IQ take a hit.
  7. She's not a presidential material that's for sure. She did ok though.
  8. It felt like Biden was being polite throughout the entire debate. He could have completely shredded her to pieces if he really wanted to.

    But if he did, people would call him out for it.
  9. Div_Arb


    She hung herself and Americans know it. No need for Biden to look like the bad guy by calling her out on these issues. Leave that to the media and bloggers.
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