Biden’s bread line crisis? Anatomy of the American baby formula shortage

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    Even for you Sneaky that's a bit far. For a guy who has made so many posts wearing his Catholic faith on his sleeve you are quite lost.

    Just delete it man.
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    Remember the first few months of the pandemic when hillbillies in pickup trucks totally hoarded bottled water & toilet paper... and selling those items secondhand from their personal storage units?
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    Why did we hoard toilet paper?
    No evidence was found that gender, political attitude or local COVID-19 situation played any role in hoarding habits.

    According to new research, though, some of the words that best describe those toilet paper hoarders have nothing to do with selfishness.

    Diligence, organization, dependence and sentimentality are some of the personality traits that correlate to those who stockpiled toilet paper as the pandemic began, the German and Swiss researchers say.

    They reached this conclusion by surveying 996 people across 22 countries, including Canada, over one week in late March. At that time, the Canadian case count was rising rapidly, by hundreds a day for the first time, and every province had declared a state of emergency.

    Survey respondents were asked to rate themselves in 24 different personality traits, as well as questions about their toilet paper-buying habits before and during the pandemic, COVID-19 restrictions where they live, and their perceptions of the threat posed by the virus.

    The responses led the researchers to one clear conclusion: those who scored highly in conscientiousness – meaning they considered themselves more diligent and organized than most, among other traits – were more likely to have amassed a large supply of toilet paper.

    "More conscientious people tend to stockpile more toilet paper," the researchers wrote.

    "This finding is in line with the expectation that long-sighted and more orderly individuals engage in more stockpiling and does not support the counternarrative that conscientious individuals refrain from impulsive panic buying due to increased self-control."

    There was also an indirect effect brought on by traits such as dependence and sentimentality. Those who scored highly in those measures of emotionality were more likely to report feeling threatened by the pandemic, and those who felt more threatened were more likely to have stocked up on toilet paper.

    "Given that stockpiling is objectively unrelated to saving lives or jobs during a health crisis, this finding supports the notion that toilet paper functions as a purely subjective symbol of safety," the researchers wrote.

    All of the above conclusions were consistent across North America and Europe, but there were some geographic differences. Europeans bought toilet paper more often than North Americans but kept smaller amounts around the home, which the researchers say could be because North American toilet paper often contains more rolls in one package.

    Age was a factor too, as older respondents were more likely to purchase and stockpile toilet paper than younger ones. The researchers said this could be because older people were worried about their increased likelihood of suffering severe effects should they contract COVID-19, or because older people in some countries were asked to self-isolate before the rest of the population.

    No evidence was found that gender, political attitude or local COVID-19 situation played any role in hoarding habits.
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    Sneaky reads the word "conscientious", misunderstands it in the context as meaning his greed was a virtue.


    Though to be fair in Colombia where Catholics are the vast majority the church asked people not to hoard, knowing about Sneaky's counterparts, and this was the result the same days America was bare shelved.

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    ????????????????? WTF? ????????????
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    Oh Sneaky, you could have made a meme of a starving Yemeni child saying that.
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    Florida Republican Draws Criticism for Posting Photo of ‘Baby Formula’ at Federal Facility That’s Mostly Apple Sauce

    A Republican U.S. Congresswoman from Florida is being criticized after tweeting a photo she says is “baby formula,” taken inside a federal immigration processing center. There is a nationwide baby formula shortage thanks to manufacturer recalls after infants died in bacteria-related infections traced to formula, along with price-gouging, supply chain issues, hoarding, and a “very dramatic decline in rates of breastfeeding,” all of which have sent many parents scrambling.

    Republicans are making clear their playbook is now to blame President Joe Biden for practically any problem in the country, regardless of who or what is actually to blame.

    That includes the baby formula shortage, an issue that any president, regardless of party, has almost zero control over, especially in a capitalist economic system. Unlike using the Defense Production Act to require manufacturers to make military jets or COVID personal protective equipment, there is no law that would allow a president to take over the manufacturing of baby formula.

    Rep. Kat Cammack, one of the youngest Republican women to serve in Congress, however, saw an opportunity to make a name for herself and grabbed it.

    She posted a photo of what she described as “Shelves and pallets packed with baby formula” at the federal government’s “Ursula” Central Processing Center, the largest U.S. Customs and Border Protection detention center for undocumented immigrants, in McAllen, Texas.

    She also posted a photo of what she says is “a shelf right here at home.”

    As many pointed out, the photo of “Shelves and pallets packed with baby formula” is mostly apple sauce.

    “This is what America last looks like,” added Cammack, who served as far-right extremist Congressman Ted Yoho’s deputy chief of staff until he retired.

    Republicans have been attacking the Biden administration, demanding the President not allow undocumented immigrants to be released. If the federal government is going to house undocumented immigrants, they are also required to feed them, and that includes babies.

    “This is being played up big by Fox and other right-wing outlets today to bash the Biden White House,” CNN’s Oliver Darcy notes. “Obviously the formula shortage is a big problem, but what are they suggesting here? Not to provide parents detained at the border and in US custody with food for their babies?”

    Right wingers on Twitter expressed outrage, with one saying, “Plenty of formula….for illegals.” Another declaring, “Biden failing America again, or should i say Meximerica? Let’s Go Brandon !” Some expected the Biden administration to somehow manufacture baby formula, which would be socialism.

    None thought to blame Donald Trump, but as The Atlantic reports Thursday, “under President Donald Trump, the U.S. entered into a new North American trade agreement that actively discourages formula imports from our largest trading partner, Canada.”

    Many on social media were quick to correct the Florida Republican:

    (More at above url)
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    There were other pictures of pallets of formula going into these facilities
    There is no reason they would load every shelf in the store with formula.....They should check the back warehouse for more stock.....this is a petty and weak retort

    What is their point it that even the children of illegals also don't have formula....thats a winner
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