Biden’s bread line crisis? Anatomy of the American baby formula shortage

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    lol, Gary Larson never gets old. Classic.
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  2. Yes, but as you know, a lot of women don't put out enough breast milk to even feed a mouse, therefore the wicked powder treatment put upon the baby.
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    Tsing Tao

    I'm sorry, Overnight. This is almost completely wrong. Many moms cannot nurse. In some cases, the baby refuses to latch on. Or the mom cannot produce any milk (other than the colostrum for the first week and a half). Or the baby is actually allergic to the mom's milk. Or the mom experiences extreme sensitivity in the nipple and cannot tolerate the feeding. There are quite a few reasons why you can't just say "use breastmilk". I highly encourage you to read up on the issue, because it is absolutely not as you say.

    One of the brands I worked on back in CPG was Nestle's Good Start. I remember going through the topic like crazy, and later, with our son, my wife couldn't produce enough milk. So we needed the formula.
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    I'm not going to belabor the point by reiterating what I said in the post you are responding to about some women simply cannot nurse for whatever reason.

    I will sum up by saying that if all the women in the country who CAN feed with the teet did so, we probably would not have a formula shortage.
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    Maybe. Unless you have some empirical data to that affect, its just a guess. I don't know that it is or is not accurate.
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  6. you guys did read that the shortage is because Abbot Labs who makes most of the formulas had an FDA recall because of some bacteria poisinging where a few babies died and they had to pull a lot of product off the shelves. Inventories dropped almost 40-50% as a result of the recall and it takes time to build up stock while everyone is panic buying.

    In February, the FDA warned parents not to use certain popular powdered infant formulas manufactured at Abbott's Sturgis plant after receiving four reports of infants who were hospitalized with bacterial infections after consuming formula from the facility. Two of the infants died.

    Abbott subsequently issued a recall of all potentially affected products manufactured at the facility and the FDA later shut down the plant after federal safety inspectors found Abbott failed to maintain sanitary conditions and procedures at the facility.
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    Republicans have to blame Biden though.That's just how it works.
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    In the middle of a pandemic it took Biden a year to get a head of FDA in office
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    Yep. Its totally not something Biden caused. But he'll get the blame, because that's how this crap works.

    If I were President, I'd have the Abbot, Nestle folks in my office first thing and be offering them all the resources necessary toward helping them get back on track - including any distribution, etc. Its amazing what the US Government can do if it wants to. I'd go on TV and tell people what the cause was, and that the US Government was throwing all resources behind helping alleviate the problem. I wouldn't just have radio silence (which is what we've got from the absentee President).

    Instead, we're pushing money to the Ukraine, and giving speeches, and focusing our energy in places otherwise not value add. And that's the problem.
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  10. Weell the FDA lifting the ban on the midwest facility so it can open back up and start kicking out product and Abbot is working on bringing in more stock from Ireland plant to cover U.S. shortfalls. However Abbot said it could take 2 months before nbew product hits the shelves due to production lead time and logistics to get it in place.

    the shortage is because the plant was shut down for VIOLATING FDA RULES.

    So... this is Biden's fault... like the federal government can shit formula and make it magically appear on shelves?

    Subject to [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] approval, we could restart the site within two weeks," the statement continues. "We would begin production of EleCare, Alimentum and metabolic formulas first and then begin production of Similac and other formulas. From the time we restart the site, it will take six to eight weeks before product is available on shelves."

    The FDA says it has been working with Abbott and other manufacturers to help boost the supply of formula, and noted that several companies have reached or exceeded production capacity.

    I know blaming a president for everything is all the rage but seriously? Sleepy joe cannot walk into a plant and make them make formula safely any faster than is being done now...
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