Biden’s bread line crisis? Anatomy of the American baby formula shortage

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mercor, May 10, 2022.

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    I don't want to end abortion.
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    Tsing Tao

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    I used to make formula for mine and she is 6'2" now.
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    Tony Stark

    Inflation,chain supply etc problems are a world wide issue.Bidens infrastructure bill and canceling a pipeline that wasn't going to be finished for years did not cause this inflation.



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    Finding a country it is not in double digits would be hard.
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    Don't women lactate anymore? Especially the first few days of the feeding where they get that colostrum or whatever it's called...Super nutrient rich and full of antibodies and shit.

    I understand if a woman has a tough time producing breast milk, but seems to me that is the minority. As long as baby suckles, the body should produce the milk, generally speaking. After a year they can go into the Gerber's and cow milk and whatnot.

    Lazy moms these days who don't want to breastfeed?
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    A zygote is not a "them".
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  8. I think it is easier for them to buy baby formula at the store. Why would they want to lactate all over the place when they can just go to the store or better yet, have it delivered from Amazon or whatever?
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    The point being, as a mom, you have the best and most efficient formula coming out of your teet. As nature intended. There is no shortage of it. Use it, and stop relying on artificial shit from CVS. Now they are all panicking that there is a formula shortage. Well, there would not be, if you just did what nature intended for you to do originally. It is maddening.

    P.S. Your comment about them "lactating all over the place? Lol, quite a visual. But they also make breast pumps where you basically are the cow, and you just siphon your breast milk into containers so you can put it into bottles, if you don't want yourself to be seen in public nursing a baby.

    There are options besides fucking powder.
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    For some reason I am reminded of this.

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