Biden "Weaken Russia...Will Bend'

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    Is this guy crazy or dumb? You finally get Russia to the table in regards to the dollar. You get Russian leadership to begin talks that look constructive, we are talking just a few weeks ago and THIS..

    Biden is borderline retarded, and I do believe Russia has pride. Good luck with that whole foreign policy "thing" Obama.

    There are so many wacked out quotes in this piece, I don't know where to begin.
  2. He is a bonafide retard. He has a screw loose and I am sure the
    russians think so too.

    Have they forgotten what happened in Georgia?
  3. Biden is a fucking idiot.Why would he make these remarks when Obama is trying improve relations with Russia :confused:

    This idiot has made so many remarks that has done damage to Obama's administration I've lost count

    He needs to go to Alaska for the rest of Obamas term.Maybe if he sees Russia from his house he would be better at US - Russian relations
  4. If Joe was employed by a private company he would be fired for being this stupid.
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    the english foreign secretary david miliband basically accused president putin of murdering an ex russian spy in england in the first few weeks he was made foreign secretary.

    we lost some foreign office officials positions in russia as a result and putin took it personally. our relationship is now very rocky because of that idiot. biden has nothing on miliband.
  6. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Obama tears him a new one.
    I can't believe Obama would not just hang his head finding out about this. Pretty much the opposite of what Sun Tzu would do.
    Biden probably thinks he can move the missles from Poland to Georgia since we have them by the balls.
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    even palin seems better.

    here is a link to a story about miliband. anything america can do the british can do better or worse.

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  9. Holy shit :eek: :D...

    This is a whole new level for Biden.

    The chief foreign policy adviser, Sergei Prikhodko said, “If some members of Obama’s team and government do not like this atmosphere, why don’t they say so?” Interfax reported him as saying. “If they disagree with the course of their president, we just need to know this.”

    You mix an extremely careful politician that uses poll tested language with a reckless, balls to the wall, blow hard and what do you get? Pure Comedy!
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    It's that news site, they don't like hot linking
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