Biden Tells Women: Get A Shotgun The AR-15 Is Hard To Aim

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. pspr


    Let's see which make more sense for a woman.

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  2. LEAPup


    The BIG problem here is the gals had no training. Other "BIGGER" problem is, Biden is an idiot and a mouthpiece (paid whore), for Onazi.
  3. pspr


    It was a little 'tongue in cheek' but Biden is a lot of tongue in cheek with his stupid comments.
  4. LEAPup


    Can you believe Biden actually said shoot your shotgun through the door? WHAT THE FU*K?!?!?!

    And worse, can you imagine what would come of a Republican if they issued an ASININE statement like that?!?:eek:

    1. Their peers would be on them to step down.

    2. The MSM and late night comedians would have GONE WILD with that one!

    3. After stepping down, the Republican would have wished he/she were a teflon democrat. After all, if you want to do WHATEVER you want, with ZERO consequences, be a democrat.:mad:
  5. Totally true.

    The double standard has become so huge it's like two parallel universes.
  6. Wallet


    Don't most liberals believe in mulch-universes? Seems to be the case on these boards.
  7. pspr


    I wish we could find a gateway to another universe and usher all the liberals into a whole new world of their own. Then guard the door so they don't come back. :D