Biden Picks Up Biker Chick

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    SEAMAN, Ohio — Vice President Joe Biden was looking to cozy up with voters as he toured Ohio this weekend, but he did not imagine that an Ohio woman would nearly end up in his lap.

    Biden was chatting up customers in the Cruisers Diner in southern Ohio Sunday when he met a group of motorcycle riders in black leather vests and bandanas.

    A female group member was watching, and Biden waved her over, telling her, “I know who runs the show.”

    The woman had no place to sit, so Biden pulled a chair in front of himself and pulled her nearly into his lap. He put his hands on her shoulders and leaned in for a conversation as photographers snapped away.
  2. biden is one strange dude. i wouldnt leave him alone with my kids, thats for sure.
  3. a bit disgusting
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    If the secret service wasn't there I suspect that guy sitting right behind Biden would knock him right off his chair. He looks about ready.
  5. That close someone could make him a quadriplegic/or dead before SS could do a thing about it.

    If you doubt me just watch the movie "safe" with jason statham.
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    Assuming SS wanted/tried to do anything about it.
  7. Are you suggesting the SS would channel your dislike of Biden by deliberately allowing him to be attacked?
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    I can't remember off the top of my head who told me this. But since Odumbo took office I was told, by a reliable source. Something to the effect that "it gets joked about".

    And before you write it off because you think they're too professional for that.
    Don't forget the prostitute scandal.
  9. Well they would of course have to go through the motions, plausible deniability and all.

    All the guy behind him would have to do is outstretch his right hand (past bidens ear)pointing at some condiments for distraction "hey buddy pass me the ketchup" (looking at the guy seated facing him)and wham right hand fishhooks bidens mouth for leverage on the way back , while left simultaneously grabs the back of the head (pushing forward) and in one violent motion exerting maximal angular momentum of the head on the spine ,break his neck.
    {pop goes the weasel}

    No need to discuss the possibilities if metal silverware on the table (sharp not required).
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    LMAO :D
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