Biden holds rally down the street from Trumps rally.

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    Trump rallies were bigger than Hillary's,but she got millions more votes.Trump had huge rallies in 2018,but Dems got 10 million more votes.
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    Demoncrats are always looking for free stuff and goodies. Did Joe promise free slices along with his speech? Otherwise, what's the point of going?
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  4. Trump promised free walls..they all promise free stuff.
  5. But did Joe Biden do this ?

    Workers at Shell plant told they would not get paid unless they attended Trump’s speech: report

    A new report from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette claims that workers at Royal Dutch Shell’s petrochemical plant in Beaver County this week were told that they had to attend President Donald Trump’s speech on energy if they wanted to be paid.

    In a memo to union employees obtained by the Post-Gazette, Shell informed workers that their “attendance is not mandatory,” but said that if they did not attend the rally, they would have to take a day off without getting paid.

    According to the Post-Gazette, workers were to show up no later than 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning this week, where they were to get their identity cards scanned and would then have to wait in line for hours before the president’s speech.

    “NO SCAN, NO PAY,” Shell informed the workers.
  6. Biden's bootlickers will tell you that his high poll numbers are good thing for Biden and for the party.

    It will come as no surprise to many that I do not believe that, and in fact think that the longer his poll numbers remain high, the worse it is for the party.

    At first you could pass off his high numbers as name recognition and there is plenty of that. But the months are going by and people are learning more about the second and third tier candidates and his numbers are still up there. Yet is clear that people feel more and more flaccid about Biden. They have no enthusiasm but think he is the only one who has been around the block enough to beat Trump.

    The hidden problem with his numbers remaining high, is that it means that the dem voters are not enthused about the second tier candidates either. So eventually Biden will dud-out on them and then they will have to move down to another candidate who they are not enthused about either. Not good.

    Quite a contrast from when Hillary was a clear leader but then with just a little bit of exposure they were able to pivot to Obama and get excited about him and the rest is history. This time when Biden goes down they have to start rifling through the dumpster looking for something else. No one likes to come to grips with the fact that dumpster diving-time is upon them, so they will buoy Biden as long as they can stomach it. Then it's gonna be puke village. Maybe Martin O'Malley will enter the race late to add some charisma and lightening to the race. I guess he is still alive and not in prison.
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    When did Hillary win the election? I must have missed that one.
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    It does not matter. Biden will not be the nominee.
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    Tony Stark

    She got 3 million more votes.She may not have been able draw more people to her rallies but she drew millions more people to the polls to vote for her,so will the 2020 nominee.Only 2020 wont be 3 million but 10-15million
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    Who will it be?
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