Biden excessively verbose

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  1. If I read this again I'm going to fly to the news room and slap someone in the face. He was not verbose, he was simply supporting his arguments. I thought Palin did as well as she could last night. She was well prepared, and simply didnt answer the questions that she couldnt answer, which is what she should do. Biden was impressive, he seemed to be an encyclopedia of information and could actually support his arguments with facts and statistics. I'm really starting to hate the general public, its like they are completely out of touch with what the issues are, in a bipartisan way. And when someone steps up with a logical, thought out argument..its "verbose". No wonder campaigns simply regurgitate talking points...they general public can't comprehend an actual case for one policy or another. Stupid.
  2. Ok I take some of that back, in reading the blogs it turns out the vast majority of the people understood his cases. Still...some idiots out there...
  3. Biden has developed a well-deserved reputation as one of the biggest windbags in the Senate. He is infamous for blathering endlessly in committee while witnesses sit there and twiddle their thumbs. Even his media buddies are well aware of his verbal diarhea, and it no doubt colors their commentary. His weird hand gestures while talking are also annoying.

    Bottom line, he impresses the naive and uniformed. Even the people in his own party consider him something of a joke.
  4. Biden's debate last night was impressive. It was factual and he answered the questions thoroughly and clearly.

    Your ideals rule you.
  5. I'd assume a lawyer with 35 years in the Senate can debate. He did well but a better prepared Palin (not her fault) could've hammered him. Badly. Biden voted affirmative on virtually EVERY piece of legislation that he cited as causation on the most debated issues. There's been a litany of laws passed over the past decade when Biden and McCain voted lock step including Iraq, the repeal of Glass-Stengel and the bankruptcy bill.
  6. Thats all I was saying.
  7. Bottom line- Biden is the third most liberal in congress and Obama is the biggest liberal in congress. If I didn't have enough money to be taxed out the ass with this ticket then maybe i wouldn't mind frolicking in the meadows, smoking weed all day and worishiping my socialist dictators until some country decides to bomb the hell out of us with our severly reduced military.

    All you socialist liberals out there read The Prince by Machiavelli. Believe it or not there are people who still want world power all though i am sure you cannot coceive such a notion with your perfect world ideas.

    Bottom line number two- Freedom in this country right now is entirely taken for granted.