Biden curses at Obama's signing

Discussion in 'Politics' started by MohdSalleh, Mar 23, 2010.

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    i think they are too delirious with joy.
  2. I kind of like this new democratic slogan.
  3. Hell.

    Too good for some evil bastards.


  4. fuckity fuck fuck fuck. I mean really who gives a flying fuck why Plugs Biden fucking says fuck already. the guy's is a fucking well known fucking idiot.

    A well known fucking idiot I'll Plugs A well known fucking evil mutherfuxxer with as many heart attacks as Vietnam deferments like Cheney can suck my taint.
  5. Biden is a fucking idiot,But I'm actually starting to like him,he speaks the truth

    I'd also take Biden over Chaney or Palin any day
  6. fhl


    Joe Biden buys 3 shoes at a time, 2 to wear and 1 to put in his mouth.
  7. When Cock Cheney dropped F bombs the repugs got a woody...
  8. Hah! +1
    #10     Mar 23, 2010