Biden Calls Opposition Barbarians At AFL-CIO

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. pspr


    Democrats have turned into viscious name callers. Gabbie Giffords must be proud of them.

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  2. 377OHMS


    They sure are talking about war a lot.

    I guess Obama wasn't serious about civility when he read that speech from his teleprompter.

    We'll see if the martial language from the unions incites another left-wing wacko into shooting up a group of people like that guy in Arizona. I'm guessing that is what will happen.
  3. Lucrum


    Biden Calls Opposition Barbarians At AFL-CIO

    Is that stupid fuck drunk AGAIN?
  4. pspr


    Probably, but it's making me cling to my guns and my religion. As one viewer commented on Biden's tone, "keep yer powder dry boys, there's fixin' to be trouble up yonder way!!!"
  5. Bring it on.
  6. If a republican said what he said, the media would be up in arms and demanding that every candidate denounce him. They give obama a pass when biden and that union thug talk this kind of trash.

    It's particularly hypocriticial since Obama gave that Arizona speech criticizing overly partisan rhetoric. Guess he only meant from republicans.
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  8. Arnie


    Its nothing more than a sign of their desperation. This won't go unnoticed. It's red meat for the liberal base, but most voters find this kind of talk a turn off. Of course the double standard via the MSM needs no comment. Every day they are alienating at least of the voter base with this kind of thuggery.
  9. jem


    every generation needs to learn the left has no idea how to govern. They get in they get thrown out... and then they create new rhetoric and shapen it, til naive give me something for nothing types buy into it... Then the lefts destroys the country some more.

    (clinton turned into conservative by todays standards)

    (kennedy was not a typical democrat and I am not sure about Truman)
  10. wolfpack


    If you're not on top then you're struggling to get on top. This is the struggle. If you affiliate yourself with a political party then you are supporting the objectives of those who lead that party. You as an individual will never be in their best interests. The only people in the best interests of those who hold power are family and friends.

    Every man for himself.
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