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  3. Notice Joe "evolving" here.

    The dems are starting to go beyond saying that illegals are entitled to emergency care- which many agree with- to setting up clinics so that more illegals can get basic health care.

    That money will not be going toward upgrading the VA, but that is because the illegals come first in the dem hierarchy.

    It will not be going toward paying for Medicare current costs or any addition services because - yup, you guessed it- dems come before seniors in the dem hierarchy.

    Joe Biden: U.S. Has ‘Obligation’ To Give Healthcare To ‘Undocumented’ Immigrants
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    When a pussy grabber is in pussy grabbing distance.
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    I don't think there's a pussy grabber here, unless... upload_2019-5-9_19-34-20.jpeg
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    Nope.Obama had class and was not a President with over 20 allegations of sexuel misconduct.
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    Yeah but no accusations in office.
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    Low standards are the secret to happiness.
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