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  1. I.e. fun stuff :cool:
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    speaking of bid-ask spread last night during the Euro session the NQ spread was often 5-9 ticks, and that was on an orderly march up lasting hours. The Nikkie spread was unusually tight often at 1 tick. Never seen that before. Typically tighter than usual bid-ask spreads imply that big operators are at the helm.
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  3. Last time I heard about a Nikkie fuckoff, there was a trader guy who accidentally reversed price and quantity in it's state of the art user interface thingy. That thing though happily passed trough 17 microservices (read "teams") in the tier-1 bank that hired him then another at least 1 single service, the stock exchange, before being registered as good and valid to go.

    That bank quietly settled for a $2.1B payoff before starting an international scandal. Since then the Tokyo stock exchange has changed not only their software but also their protocol so such mistakes are no longer possible.

    I don't know exactly who the bank or the guys were but I worked for Japanese or Asians in general for 10 years of my life and know above all they appreciate efficiency. Even at the expense of politeness, although that's a big tradeoff. You can get by being efficient and not polite just like you can get by being polite but not efficient. The middle is the dangerous ground.
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  4. ez bruv,you alright mate?

    i get a bit edgy,because we are in Eastern Europe and you know we have more to prove.If you were over there basically anywhere else than who cares.With us is this:if you go from soon to be manager of OPM to good developer working for over 10 years to answering recruiters questions this doesn't look serious you know.
    As one Sri Lankan friend of mine in London once told me:If many Sri Lankans ask for bank credit based on false application and take the money and fly out back home it makes it much much harder for genuine applicant who wants to get a mortgage and buy a house.He happened to get a refusal and of course got pissed off about it.You get my drift ....

    Clear your mind and work on what you have to do,maybe at the moment it's not easy but only way is up.
    We are 2 different personalities and in real life we probably wouldn't get along as well so i will refrain from further posts to you.


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  5. Coming back to the original idea, recruiters. It came as a shock to realize they're kind of those slimy salesmen who appears to give you something of great value, gets you excited and all-too willing to give it a try then... at the end you cannot shake that feeling that you've been screwed.

    Radio Yerevan joke:

    Q: Is is true that recruiter X finds me a great fit with high chances of getting payed $$ by company $$$$Y?
    A: Yes there are very high chances only it's not you but recruiter X who's getting payed and company $$$$Y isn't giving money but receiving them from you and a whole bunch of other suckers who spend their time interviewing. (Or working there, same thing).

    A2(shorter version but you gotta know the context): Yes there are very high chances only it's not you but recruiter X and you're not getting payed but getting robbed.
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    good lesson in life. follow President Reagan's dictum trust but verify.
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  7. Learned that eventually.
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