Bid/Ask in OpenECry demo sim

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  1. I am currently trading a sim account.

    I always enter long on the bid and short on the ask although I have to chase them around many times.

    Are the fills that I get in a sim account realistic? or will it totally fall apart if I trade a live account?

  2. Totally unrealistic........when I first started to scalp I opened up a sim account and just was being the bid and offer all day and I was literally printing money as I waited for orderflow to hit my bid or offer and then I would make the spread. Well turns out I didn't take into account that if there is 500 bid and I am last in the bid they are going to have to fill 499 contracts before I get filled. So needless to say it was a painful lesson for me haha!
  3. but doesn't the sim program try to take this into consideration? after all It does not always allow me to get long at my original bid location. many times the bid moves away and I chase the bid and get in at a higher level but also seemingly at the bid at that level.
  4. JA_LDP


    i started out on a sim with oec and unless the've improved things lately, their sim is completely unrealistic from a live account.
  5. i just emailed openecry about this. I will post their reply (if I ever get one.)
  6. Many have been there and done that. Do not get killed.
  7. what do you recommend then?
  8. 1. Learn price action
    2. Find an edge
    3. start small 1+1 contract ES
    4. Sell 1 at 2 points ride the other for as much as the market allows
    5. Have stop loss
    6. go easy that is paper trade until you puke an then paper trade some more
  9. Assuming that you're trading ES, chasing for trades is a bad habbit imo.

    Simply place your order a tick above or below. When price hits and you are a tick in the red, you can be confident that your order would have hit if you were trading with real money.

    Sim trading is to help get rid of bad habits and help you develop successful ones.

    Keep it as real as absolutely possible every time - and if you do nothing but sim trading for a year till you get it down, so be it.