Bible Museum: Dumb & Dumber

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    Bible museum shines light on dinos
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    By AP

    PETERSBURG, Kentucky -- Adam and Eve fall from grace and Noah survives an epic flood at a new museum that tells the Bible's version of history on a theme-park scale.

    But the scene near the front lobby might stop a puzzled paleontologist in his tracks: A pair of ancient children frolic just metres away from a group of friendly dinosaurs.

    That exhibit, among others, has earned the Creation Museum notoriety among skeptics and anticipation from believers who are expected to pack its halls when it opens tomorrow.

    "We wanted to show people there's no mystery with dinosaurs, we can explain them," said Ken Ham, founder of the nonprofit ministry Answers in Genesis that built the US$27-million facility near Cincinnati, which is near the Kentucky border.

    Scientists say there is a gulf of millions of years between man and the giant lizards, but according to the Creation Museum, they lived in harmony just a few thousand years ago. It is part of the literal interpretation of the Bible adopted by Ham and other creationists.

    "People are just fascinated by dinosaurs, but they've sort of become synonymous with millions of years and evolution," he said.

    Evolution is derided at the 5,600-sq.-metre facility, packed with high-tech exhibits designed by an acclaimed theme-park artist, animatronic dinos and a huge wooden ark.

    In this Old Testament version of history, dinosaurs appeared on the same day God created other land animals.

    The museum also contains fossils, hung in large glass cases in a room visitors spill into after taking a tour of Old Testament history.

    Ham said most fossils were created by the massive flood detailed in the book of Genesis and the stories of the Bible are supported by science, a notion that has drawn the ire of science educators.

    "They make such a point of trying to make it appear scientific," said Lawrence Krauss, a physics professor, author and critic of the museum.

    "Instead of shying away from those things that clearly disprove what they're trying to say, they use those things for deception."

    Scientists find creationism museums worrisome
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    It's one of a growing number of museums and even theme parks that cater to the some 35 percent of Americans who say the bible is literally true.

    It's a trend most scientists find very worrisome. At the new creation museum they use big-budget, high-tech exhibits to depict a history of the planet that nearly every scientist rejects.

    When asked what she hoped her children get out of visiting the museum, one mother said, "A tangible truth. Because this is the truth."

    The creation museum aims to scientifically prove the biblical story of genesis. The earth is not millions of years old. It -- and all life on it -- were created by god about 6,000 years ago, with dinosaurs living next to Adam and Eve.

    The vast majority of scientists find the creationist claims ridiculous.

    Eugenie Scott said, "It's not funny, no. But to some degree one has to laugh to keep from crying."

    The creation museum has its own experts, however, including Dr. Jason Lisle, an astro-physicist.

    Dr. Lisle said, "Discoveries are always controversial. Truth isn't a democracy. Creation museums and theme parks are popping up all over."

    Anthropology professor Terry Prewitt said, "It's OK to believe what you want to believe, all right. But I don't think it's OK to represent whatever one believes as science just because one believes that it's true and can justify it with the Bible."

    Both sides say the stakes are high. Scientists say if children are convinced of this the US will lose its position of scientific leadership in the world.

    At the creation museum, however, there are exhibits that argue that evolution has led to the erosion of faith, which has led to a moral breakdown and controversial issues like abortion and pornography.


    It is interesting that, as we embark into the age of global warming, it is being neatly dovetailed by a wish for a return to the Dark Ages by some. Fitting. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I would guess that the majority of people who support this ludicrous Bible Museum are also skeptics of global warming. Just a hunch, of course. What is particularly ironic is that the conduct of those elements in the US would make any ayatollah proud. Perhaps even more ironic is that these very people would probably be put off by such a perceived affinity.
  2. Unbefreaking-leivable.
    Its like "proving" the existence of leprechauns by looking at the ubiquity of garden gnomes, or a visit to disneyworld "proving' cartoon characters are real, 3 dimensional living beings.
  3. Wrong again pea brain...please seek therapy for your unresolved childhood issues/trauma with religion...

    "We affirm that God-given dominion is a sacred responsibility to steward the earth and not a license to abuse the creation of which we are a part," said the statement, which has been distributed to 50,000 member churches. "Because clean air, pure water, and adequate resources are crucial to public health and civic order, government has an obligation to protect its citizens from the effects of environmental degradation."

    Signatories included highly visible, opinion-swaying evangelical leaders such as Haggard, James Dobson of Focus on the Family and Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship Ministries. Some of the signatories are to meet in March in Washington to develop a position on global warming, which could place them at odds with the policies of the Bush administration, according to Richard Cizik, the association's vice president for governmental affairs.

    Also last fall, Christianity Today, an influential evangelical magazine, weighed in for the first time on global warming. It said that "Christians should make it clear to governments and businesses that we are willing to adapt our lifestyles and support steps towards changes that protect our environment."

    The magazine came out in favor of a global warming bill -- sponsored by Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Joseph I. Lieberman (D-Conn.) -- that the Bush administration opposed and the Republican-controlled Senate defeated.

  4. Would that be one of those delightful ad hominems that you accuse everyone else of perpetrating?

    Admittedly, I spoke a bit out of turn. The context I was considering was of the very religious-friendly neoconservatives who believe that global warming is merely a threat to their economic ecosystem rather than a legitimate concern. I did not mean to suggest that all religious folk don't care about global warming. Perhaps my wording was a bit strong. Therefore, thank you for the context. And your ad hominem, of course. I note that your remarks are focused on the observation I made as an aside, rather than the principal issue of the museum. But that's OK. I have observed in the past how difficult it is for you to contain and restrain yourself once you get some momentum going. (I wonder how that got started.)
  5. You ended with egg-yolk on your face, and whining like a little bitch...

    Same old chit, different thread...

  6. I was told about this "museum" the other day at work. I responded:-

    "Bullshit! That's obviously a joke".
  7. hcour

    hcour Guest

    My favorite part is dinosaurs on the Ark! Guffaw! A ridiculous fairytale gets ridiculouser!

  8. Only until they all go down the rabbithole.
    And lions frolic with lambs, surviving on pure air, apperently.

    I'd dont regard any of these things as a joke (if it is, i hope so but) , because i know there are people so ill as to buy this kind of stuff. I hope its a joke, if it is, it will become reality, if it isnt, it also will. Thats the power of collective stupidity.

    They already have churches, why not a museum?
  9. Here's a sampling of the disgusting hypocrisy of the site's most putrid troll

    These posts are just within the past few weeks. So The idiotic hypocrite seems to be berating others for engaging in ad hominem. Hmmm... let's go to the record, shall we?

    These posts are just within the past few days. Last year, when his contradictions, assertions and hypocrisy got him all wound up in knots, he fell off the wagon, relapsing into alcoholism. He then started a bizarre series of posts in which he replied to questions with pictures of a pink bunny.

    Check the intellectual level of these posts. It is difficult to believe we are dealing with an old man, as opposed to an 11 year old kid

    Well done, ZTroll. Once again, you've shown yourself to be the site's biggest joke.
  10. Such is the world. Utterly fabricated when the Son of God forgot to laugh at a tiny mad idea...making a virtual reality by the power of collective ______ (fill in the blank).

    The world exists entirely in the past. Even its future is past. It is an empty storehouse with an open door holding all your shreds of memories and dreams.

    It is your dream. Are not all dreams strange? Do any of them make any sense?

    Realize you are the dreamer of these utterly ridiculous fabrications, these dumb scenarios...and you will awaken from the dream.

    As you awaken, dream instead of healing and forgiveness. These will show you that you are not insane and that you have never sinned.

    Be not afraid. Let instead your world be lit by miracles so that sickness can now be seen without a cause.

    Miracles will make a place of welcome in your storehouse for your Self and your Father. The door is open, that all those may come who would not longer starve, and would enjoy the feast of plenty set before them there.

    This is a feast unlike those the dreaming of the world has shown. At this feast, the more that anyone receives, the more is left for all the rest to share.

    The Guests - your Self and your Father - bring an unlimited supply with Them. And no one is deprived or can deprive.

    Here is a feast the Father lays before His Son, and shares it equally with him. Here can the lean years enter not, for time waits not upon this feast, which has no end.

    There is a way of finding certainty here and now: Refuse to be a part of fearful dreams whatever form they take, for you will lose Identity in them.

    You find yourself by not accepting them as causing you - ie. evolution - and giving you effects - ie. a body, sickness.

    You stand apart from them. This way you separate the dreamer from the dream, joining the mind of the dreamer, but letting the dream go.

    The dream is an illusion in the mind. Unite with the mind, but never with the dream.

    It is the dream you fear, and not the mind.

    Like you, your brother thinks he is a dream. Share not his illusion of himself, for your Identity depends on his reality. Think, rather, of him as a mind in which illusions still persist, but as a mind which is brother to you.

    Bodies are not your "brothers". Yes, bodies are the "hero" of this dream, and your brother thinks he is a body. But it is only his reality that is your brother. Your mind and his are joined in brotherhood.

    The body symbolizes a gap between your mind and your brothers. As bodies, you share confusion and you are confused, for in the gap no stable self exists.

    His dreams are yours because you let them be. But if you took your own away he would be free of them, and of his own as well. Your dreams are witnesses to his, and his attest the truth of yours. Yet if you see there is no truth in yours, his dreams will go, and he will understand what made the dream.

    Be certain if you do your part, he will do his, for he will join you where you stand. You cannot do his part, but this you do when you become a passive figure in his dreams, instead of dreamer of your own.

    Identity in dreams is meaningless because the dreamer and the dream are one. Whoever shares a dream must be the dream he shares, because by sharing is a cause produced.

    Your brother's desire to be a sick and separated mind can not remain without a witness or a cause. And both are gone if someone wills to be united with him.

    Your brother dreams he was separated from you, and the body is "proof" of this. By not sharing this dream you leave open a vacant space. The Father comes to join you and your brother there. You and your brother are His One Son.

    Except you share it, nothing can exist. You are sharing a dream of fear. God is the Alternate to dreams of fear. Who shares in them can never share in Him. There is no other choice.

    You exist because God shared his Will with you, that His creation - you - might create.

    It is the sharing of evil dreams of hate and malice, bitterness and death, of sin and suffering and pain and loss that makes them real. Unshared, they are perceived as meaningless. The fear is gone from them because you did not give them your support.

    Where fear has gone there love must come, because there are only these two alternatives. Where one appears, the other disappears. And which you share becomes the only one you have. You have the one that you accept, because it is the only one you wish to have.

    You share no evil dreams if you forgive the dreamer, and perceive he is not the dream he made. And so, he cannot be a part of yours, from which you both are free. Forgiveness separates the dreamer from the evil dream, and this way, releases him.

    Remember if you share an evil dream, you will believe you are the dream you share. And fearing it, you will not want to know your own Identity, because you think that It is fearful. And you will deny your Self, and walk upon an alien ground which your Creator did not make, and where you seem to be a something you are not.

    In such a predicament, you will make war upon your Self, which seems to be your enemy; and will attack your brother, as a part of what you hate.

    There is no compromise. You are your Self or an illusion. What can be between illusion and the truth? A middle ground, where you can be a thing that is not you, must be a dream and cannot be the truth.

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