bible in one hand - child in the other

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  1. more magic,witches and the bible

    "He forces them to jump and dance for hours during the hottest part of the day" in order to cleanse them of magical powers, said Leopoldina Neto, a UNICEF (news - web sites) child-protection officer in town. "He beats them. He puts chili powder in their eyes and drips boiling palm oil in their ears."

    Matumona, 51, denied this.

    `I cure with love'

    "I cure with love," he said, clutching a Bible at his Provincial Center for Traditional Psychiatry, located in a war-ruined former pastry factory

    they have one hope - besides curing witches the other profitable business is oil
  2. I have lost faith in the human race. It's not just religion that sucks...People suck.
  3. I'm not racist, I hate most people becuase most of the 6 billion are to stupid to realize that they're destroying the human race by irresponsibly consuming the planet.

    People need TV and bibles to explain issues such as environmental devastation. A medium of choice. People need to belong to a group, to think like a group or else they feel insecure.

    People peer pressure each other. Common peer pressures include: think like me or be an outcast, dress like me or be an outcast, have as much money as me or be an outcast.

    Other common peer pressures include:
    everybody has friends, everybody has sex, if you don't have sex with the opposite sex, and if you don't have friends then you are outcast.

    A lot of insecurity. We're all insecure.
    A lot of cowardice. We're all parasites.
    Both insecurity and selfishness can be solved but how will stupidity be solved?

    So I tell myself that I want no part of this parasitic monomania of socialize and consume as much as you can until you pass the finish line.

    We humans need to start thinking as group instead of individually. We need to maintain our differences whilst working toward a common goal. Countries divied people. Races are false. What else?

    But there is no escape. Everyone has a set of logic which they fight for to the death. Even I have a set of logic even though I know logic is no more than an opinion, and I'm willing to die for my opinions.

    Stupidity can't be solved, but it can be restrained?