Bhutto murdered in Pakistan.

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  1. I hope the world takes this as a wake up call.
  2. the us does not care abt democracy everywhere.
    it aligns itself with a thug like musharaff.
  3. To what, that the MidEast is unstable?
  4. Pakistan is not in the Middle East. Islam is "unstable".
  5. I stand corrected.
  6. Your religious bigotry is showing again.

    Human beings are unstable, not the religion those human beings practice. The words in the scriptures of the religions are not changing. The words stay the same. It is the instability of the human mind that is at work, such that one person takes those words one way, and another person takes the same words an entirely different way.

    All three major religions that came from the Middle East, i.e. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have a bloody history of instability among those who followed those religions, often with that instability taking the shape of killing others in the name of "righteousness" and/or in the name of "God."

    If anything the problem is that there is too much stability and rigidity in the fundamentalist extremist points of view.

    This human phenomena is no limited to religion though, we have seen brutality toward other human beings in the name on non religions and non religious movements and groups in the past 100 years, with atheistic movements accounting for greater atrocity than any particular religious group.

  7. Even though CNN blamed it on suicide bomber, headlines in India are:
    Benazir Bhutto shot dead

    I wonder why the difference? Could it be that the suicide bomber was merely a coverup for the real assassination?
  8. Blah blah blah as if I have not heard all this politically correct nonsense before. The fact is this shit is going on in the Muslim not Chrisitan world, the fact is the value of human life is zero in the Muslim world, not in the world based on Judeo-Christian values, the fact is suicide attacks are carried out by muslims, not by christians and jews, the fact is virtually all islamic world is ruled by repressive regimes and dictators while most of the Judeo Christian world is democratic. Deal with it.
  9. We have murders every day in Christian countries, school shootings, etc.

    The broad brush of your religious and ethnic bigotry is palpable...

  10. The main difference being murders in Christain countries are not committed in the name of Christianity.

    That's why you can't compare the two.

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