Bhutto DEAD

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. 9999


    So, no biggie then?
    Business as usual?
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  2. Market was poised to fall this morning. All 3 major indexes were in overbought conditions. Market was poised for a pullback. Look at the charts and stochastics.
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  3. usman88



    for KSE it is(only for short term)
    but not for the US markets or the commodities


    thats exactly what i meant when i said u guys dont know about pakistan
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  4. You mean we would attack Pakistan and take control of nukes? WOW.
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  5. Musharraf has calculated that his opponents won't last till election day, so let them run free, at the end of the day he will still be king!
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  6. ajna


    Good point. What opponents? They're either dead, jailed, or exiled.

    I generally agree with Usman that this event likely doesn't have the cataclysmic effects some on this thread are predicting. I think it also speaks to how cynical and fatalistic people in South Asia have gotten regarding their politicians. White folks definitely wouldn't accept this! ;)
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  7. 9999


    You're probably right.
    I had - and I still have - the greatest admiration and respect for a person like her who willingly put her life in danger to carry on her ideas. Our cultures maybe quite different, but even as the markets are very cynical, I was thinking this was something more than a simple "correction". Silly me, should've known better. Maybe tomorrow they'll kill another candidate, but hey - there's plenty, so no biggie. Business as usual.
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  8. I don't disagree with what you say. If this assassination was a "real" geo political threat then the US market would have been down seriously not just 1% And the media never gets it right...however I'm SURE it was NOT one lone crazy guy.
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  9. Methinks, Bhutto was perceived as a US stooge and the breaded ones didn't like her. Methinks the "bearded one" has a hand in this.
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  10. I know, regardless I am covering my huge short position at 3:59 to lock in profits. I'll take 2.4k on the day. Kind of tilted and went over my head this morning on the short. I know if I don't cover and lock in gains, market will gap up over night....
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