Bhutto DEAD

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  1. I am surprised there is any surprise to her assassination...she was a dead woman walking. I do admire her courage she had to know she would be killed. As a matter of fact I'm amazed at the courage of all those in the middle east facing death every day finding the courage to try and live a normal life, going to school, buying bread, going to work.
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  2. Bush blames Bhutto's assasination on Al Qaeda and uses it as an excuse to go into Pakistan.
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  3. No way...he is buddy buddy with Musharef (sp>) they just blame Al Qaeda to deflect any blame on M
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    Just saw an interview with John Bolton on Fox news saying that the US shares some blame in Bhutto's death by encouraging her to go back to Pakistan. And that perhaps instituting marshal law and delaying elections would be a good idea. He may no longer be part of the Bush administration, but thats mad crazy.
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  5. John Bolton has always had a few screws loose.
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    guys ease down
    i am from pakistan and ill be better able to tell u guys abt the future
    first of all events in pakistan have and should not have co-relation with the US markets therefore the I am sure u guys will see a reversal in the dollar and equities within 2-3 days.
    secondly the suicide bombing by one person(who was most probably some illegal immigrant from afghanistan etc) does not means that whole Pakistan has become unstable.
    Yes karachi stock exchange(pakistans biggest stock exchange) will turn bearsish for a week or two but with strong fundamentals(P/E of less than 10 e.g.) they will eventually go up


    and btw to think that oil/metals would rally would be the biggest mistake

    pakistan is a net importer of oil and if by % of total world demand and supply both is very insignificant. Moreover none of the precious metals are found in Pakistan nor in the neighbouing regions.
    And pakistan is NOT in the middle east
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  7. usman88:

    Just because you came from Pakistan does not necessarily mean you have a better understanding of Pakistan politics and its impact to middle east or the whole world.

    The fact of the matter is the global market does take this matter seriously. US dollar instantly fall from 77.5 a day ago to 76.60. And oil rallied as well. Precious metals rally, too.
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  8. Yes, I agree. More plausible.

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    Actually I do know more about Pakistan than you
    What you hear in news isnt always true. E.g. I dont know the same about USA as much as you(considering u r from USA). SImilarly you dont know much about Pakistan.
    I am giving you the INSIDE view. If you wanna stick with the news and 'what you hear' then its ur own choice
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  10. Wow!

    Your buhrka has no slots......
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