Bhutto DEAD

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    How about this: GW Bush decides to remain as President for another mandate or two, and some of the presidential candidates are killed by a sect of religious fanatics. Doesn't change a thing, right?
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    US markets are correlated highly to markets in that part of the world. We will know far better tonight when we see market reactions from that part of the world. Currencies are already giving a clue.

    The smart money pares it's positions first, and then asks questions later.

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  3. Smart money knows about it. The US dollar instantly dropped a large margin, and precious metals rallied upon the bad news:

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  4. Most americans cant even find iraq on a map , much less Pakistan. Bhutt-who???
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  5. A country with nuclear capability? The assassination doesn't even give you pause? I would have thought that the situation in Pakistan was already fragile before the assassination. Let's not be too quick to jump to a status quo conclusion just yet.
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  6. The world knows the significance of Pakistan. That's why the world responded and the US dollar instantly dropped by a large margin. The situation is serious.

    Mussaraf is the one man who stands between the Islamic extremists (read terriorists!) and the nuclear button of that country. There has already been no less than 12 attempts on that man's life. He could be toppled or be assasinated, and nothing could be worse than that!

    Precious metals are rallying. Good time to buy PAL. Palladium is the one magic metal that can wean us from middle east oil dependence. Do you know bush pitches hydrogen economy, while his people is on the board of SWC, a sister palladium stock of PAL. Read this article about Bush, Putin, and palladium metal:

    Do you know what hydrogen economy has to do with palladium?

    Fuel cell for laptops
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    Given that the military dictator is firmly in place, more so since the main political opposition leader is dead and the 2nd main political party leader is not allowed to run for office, and that all the supreme court judges who opposed Musharraf have been removed, there is no real threat to Musharraf being toppled. Ergo, status quo.
    Nothing new going on in Pakistan. The continuance of bad leadership from one military dictator to the next corrupt secular leader.
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  8. Was Bhutto standing in the way of something terrible happening in Pakistan? I think not therefore nothing has changed and it's status quo.
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  9. This thread is about Benazir Bhutto. No need to pimp your dog of a stock anymore. A quick scan of your contributions to this forum show you got here 2 weeks ago and about 80% of your posts are pumping this PAL stock. This is Elitetrader not the Yahoo message boards.

    Mods, you know what to do.
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    it your own post above and take a look on map
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