Bhutto DEAD

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  1. I was amazed when she returned to Pakistan in the first place, she probably had some sort of understanding with Musharraf that her security would be guaranteed. However, she must have been a target for him and his cronies as well as the islamic fundamentalists - not that hard to have the intelligence services slip precise information to these groups.
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  2. This is what happens when you go against the establishment.

    I wonder what would happen if a president wanted to do away with the Federal Reserve and personal income taxes?
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  3. Very bad for the whole world. I guess the market hasn't even started to comprehend the seriousness of the matter, and just dismiss this as a trivial event in a remote third world country.

    Pakistan is in the middle east! It has nuclear weapons!

    An unstable Pakistan is an unstable world!

    Good for oil, precious metals. Bad for the general market. Time to buy some precious metal players like PAL.
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  4. ajna


    Oddly IIF and IFN, which are India specific, are down significantly today. Doesn't make much sense.
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  5. LOL your PAL appears to be going to zero ! Is that why you are touting that stock to no end ?

    That said this event may have important ramifications for the Indian market and the stability of the whole region.
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  6. persistence is a virtue.........
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  7. Can someone please explain to me why this is bad for the stock market going forward. I mean really it doesn't change a thing. Musharaff is still president. Pakistan is still as stable/unstable as it was yesterday. Looks like status quo to me.
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  8. IntelInvestor: I wasn't desperate when PAL hit the low of $3.40. Why would I be desperate with PAL today. I am telling you to load good deals at dirt cheap price here. PAL will not stay this cheap for long, with platinum and palladium making incredible moves upwards in recent day.

    At current metal prices, PAL can already be expected to report up to 10 cents quarterly profit in Q4. If it earns 10 cents a quarter, should the stock price stay at $3-ish?

    Rememeber, in Q3, PAL produced $51M worth of metal, but booked only $26M in sales revenue. The metals not booked for sale in Q3 will be booked into sales revenue in Q4, boosting the Q4 result by a huge margin, maybe as much as $25M or more!

    Do your own DD:

    Back to Bhutto, the destablizing of Pakistan is good for oil, good for precious metals, good for strategic commodity resources. Very devastating to US dollar:
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  9. I don't think that the assassination of an opposition leader is best characterized as status quo.
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  10. what has changed then as it relates to the US financial markets? I say nothing.
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