Discussion in 'Trading' started by crazy_trader, May 9, 2007.

  1. What are the chance of regulators approval. Both are 2 of the largest miners in the world. Or is it just wall street playing games.
  2. It's so much crap, really.

    RTP is a 70 billion market cap company, almost twice the size of TXU.

    We all know commodities such as copper and nickel are near all time highs, so this is a little way of goosing the share price before bailing for those spreading the rumors.

    These 'rumors' are well places, self-serving, and transparent bullshit.

    Someone should really launch an investigation into the rumor mill, which reporters are part of.
  3. Yeap, way too much rumors lately. Today alone you got ATI for TIE, MHK, RTP. Almost everyday you get a few rumors.