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  1. BHP Billiton Limited is dually listed on the Ftse and australlian stock exchange. which one should i look at for the price and chart?

    and plus what does this mean?
    Public (LSE: BLT)
    (NYSE: BHP), (NYSE: BBL),
    (ASX: BHP) & (JSE: BIBLT)


    does that mean it's listed on the nyse as well?
  2. BHP & RIO are the 2 largest Australian resource cos. Both trade on NYSE which makes it economic to trade if you have a US brokerage account.

    nyse symbol for RIO is RTP
    nyse symbol for BHP is BHP

    They both trade in London as well. But in the London cash market you pay .5% stamp duty (taxes) so it's more expensive for general public.
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