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    Is BHI interesting at this level? Seems to be a good entry point $10 off it's low at ~$35. A long term accumulation and maybe a <$10 short term (3mos?) pop.

    I should dump GE since it's been dead, stoopidly bought from 15 down to 12 before coming to my senses (avg 14).

    OIL will go higher.
  2. I bought a little bit at 35.14 earlier in the trading day. Going in for a second helping at 35. Compared to it's competitors (HAL and SLB) it's trading at very attractive levels.

    I kinda like GE, I have some at 13.33 and I'm gonna buy the heck out of it at 11 to 12 range because I think Obama is going to give them some sweet deals to them and Immelt being on the NY Fed board is a plus. Why whine about government corruption when you can make money on it. Thats my capitalistic motto.
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    I agree about GE. I believe it will be slower than BAC but I'm looking for a pop going into earnings 10/16 and then a steady climb higher as the finance arm begins contributing rather than draining cash.

    I'd love to see GE trade down to below 12, I'd double down. I don't really expect to see trade below 13 though unless a negative catalyst....
  4. BHI is on an absolute tear, sadly though I think it'll end soon and retrace a good amount because of the rapid rate of ascension.
  5. buy dips