Bezos says he is spending billions on space because of the way we destroy our own earth

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    So what's to say when or if we even make it to space and live up there sometime in the next hundreds of years that we aren't going to destroy space the same way we did earth? I mean if you haven't heard already there is talk about sending our Garbage and trash here on Earth into outer space. So what's to stop us when we get up there from destroying space. I mean with the technologies we have today and every hipster becoming vegan and making use of farm to table dinners and new recycling initiatives why not continue to spend hundreds of billions here on Earth instead of space to stop the destruction or is that too late? Does bezos believe that it's too late to go back to a more greener and bluer earth? That the only way now is too escape the destruction of Earth by making our shift to space.

    Jeff Bezos: I spend my billions on space because we’re destroying Earth
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    a bad case of filthyrich-ititis, brah
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  3. Says the guy with the carbon footprint of 500 “regular” people.
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    and the GDP of 5 million
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    someone has got to do it :)
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  7. A despicable piece of shit. A liar and cheater through and through. Could not keep his dick out of other women, treats his workers horribly under the disguise of 15 dollar per hour minimum salaries and probably has a private bet going with Musk and Branson, rather than in any way caring about the other 20 or 30 much more pressing issues that plague this planet. I can't stand this human being, a prime example how sometimes money does not mean anything and a prime example how someone can be so incredibly privileged and yet squander his talent and intelligence on useless pursuits and live a life of a cheater and liar. How pitiful.

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    ,, we’re destroying Earth ''

    And .... :

    All of the life species that lives within it, since the agricultural revolution, thousands of years ago.

    (The combined mass of humans weight 300 mil tons vs 100 mil tons of wild mammals.
    400 mil hause-hold dogs vs 200 000 freely roaming wolfs and so on
    . Da hell with it, sapiens vs neanderthalensis, was the first known genocide, that we ,,won''.)

    Our own societies with free markets, that produces pollution and unseen inequality.
    (Bezos+Gates+Buffet net worth = 40% of the us bottom. And those inheritance taxes that do not exists... Plastic trash island, drifting - in the ocean, equal to the size of France)

    We became gods, that don't know what they want.

    (More people die of sugar, than of starvation.
    More people suicide, then die in conflicts of war or from terrorism.

    Yet my kudos still goes to him, for doing something, instead of whining and complaining,

    while ignoring the fact, that our existence, based on the universal scale, is - meaningless.
    ( unless thou, casts a vision and a purpose for himself, which in return rewards him regularly with dopamine and ,,fulfillment'' )

    They way i see it, this is the second round baby :D, to get those eggs , from a single basket, into that wast horizon :

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  9. He does something for his ego and for a little plaque he will hold on to as his legacy when he is gonna be in pain on his death bed. The plaque will read "first man to offer space tourism to rich fucks". Great contribution to this world, and thanks for treating your employees, including vets, like pieces of garbage. Now please die in pain and agony, your reward for squandering talent and intelligence.

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    Humans are spending billions on space and soon our space will be destroyed too.

    Humans will be spending trillions on galaxy and soon our galaxy will be destroyed too.

    The destroyers are already here.
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