Beyond Twinkies: Why More Workers Are Striking

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  1. Striking Hostess workers admitted that the walkout could push the company into liquidation—and the loss of some 18,500 jobs. But an employee who walked out at a Hostess plant in Seattle, Washington told reporters last week that "we know we will probably lose our jobs, but if we accept these concessions, standards for bakers and other workers will keep going down. We are taking it on the chin for workers all over."


    Imo, the author/analyst are grasping for straws to connect the dots but something is going on when workers think 18k jobs lost ain't a big thing, then WMT employees with the age old gripe of "no one listens to us".

    Twitter, face book, on line petitions, OWS, Obama rhetoric are going to launch us into chaos. Young people ain't going to listen to old people, black people aren't going to listen to white people. The list of people with something to lose is getting smaller each day. Lose your house, your job = snafu.
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    I don't know the details but the deal must have been pretty atrocious if all those workers were willing to let their jobs and the company go under.
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    Once a place is unionized the social makeup changes. People wind up in jobs that they aren't suited for because the pay is so good they can't quit. The unhappiness grows, the bosses become animal trainers and eventually somebody decides to just shut it all down and go do something else.

    All these f%^ked up marxist ideas are from centuries past. We've learned a lot since that a^^hole Marx spewed his insanity. The stupid philosopher bastard never made anybody happy except for a few murdering psychopaths that wound up in charge of large sections of the planet. Philosophers in general have never helped anybody to be happy! They even have been admitting it in recent decades.
  4. I think you are missing the point. The message is, "Take this job and shove it!"
  5. i have a question.

    so lets say the avg pay (i'll just make up a number) was 15 bucks an hour and management said, we cant do this, we can only pay 10 bucks an hour.

    since there are without question 5000 unemployed people of all ages, races and genders willing, able, and eager to take that offer and make some money because they are tired of sitting home scratching their ass, well why couldnt the company fire all the union people and hire non union?

    why couldnt they do that? they absolutely could, but they are cowards. and cowards deserve what they get, a failed company.
  6. "Twinkies, Try One, Crafted by the Highest Paid Bakers in the World!"
  7. I am a very small minded evil man with no vision. I think I can make a few dollars if I can convince thousands to work for a few pennies.
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    The products aren't going away. They are too iconic. Someone gonna buy up the intellectual assets and build a new company.
  9. because the only thing worse than being unemployed is being a scab, and crossing a picket line.
  10. thats like saying the only thing worse than being dead is being alive. :p doesnt make much sense does it?

    they want pensions!! haha, who the hell gets a pension?
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