Beyond the Foley scandel

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  1. After watching several of the talking heads this evening I see some strange bedfellows being made. There is a growing "bi-partisan" movement that any investigation will be limited to Foley and only Foley. Rather odd, don't you think? Wonder why? Well, we all know why, now don't we?
    Them little page boys and girls have been hit on for years and years. A nice little pedo whorehouse for our members of congress. Very convienant the age of consent is 16 in D.C. How nice for them.
    Any investigation goes too deep and the whole fucking house comes down, cause there's plenty of R's and D's been dipping their wicks in them young lads and lassies. We'll see how good the 'blogosphere" really is. Will they dig it out now? Bury it till after the election? Bury it forever?
    I'll bet there are dozens, probably hundreds of our glorious representatives sweating bullets over this. Look for taxes to go up. The hush money this is going to cost will be astrinomical.
  2. I agree with you. Those sickos cross all partylines. I am sure there are many Democrats as there are republicans, who are guilty of misusing the page system for their perverse pleasures. What is sickening is the obvious attempt by other members to sweep this under the rug.
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    Alright, ....

    I'lll never post again if the following turns out to be inaccurate. (Fortunately, there is literally no way to determine its accuracy)

    This whole "Foley Scandal" is a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.

    The elections are upon us, and instead of discussing what a COMPLETE AND UTTER CLUSTER-FUCK Iraq has become, we are ALL getting tittalitated by the "newly" discovered Teenage sex-scandal rampaging its way through the legislative branch of government.

    Now, is there any better way to distract people then paint visions of screwing teenagers in their heads? ... (GIRLS, for me) ...

    The republicans retain BOTH HOUSES in 2006, and loose the Presidency in 2008

    And As Usual, I Retain The Right to be Completely Wrong ....
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    On second thought ... It's most likely a way that we can all grasp upon something desirable, (young women), and avoid thinking about the conflict the US has created.

    No way could it be by design. Pure Happenstance for Bush ... Love Em or Hate Em, the dude is Lucky ...

    In any event, it's definitely a net positive for republicans ...