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  1. I'm unsure where to turn for this information and hoping someone on this board might point me in a direction.

    I'm interested in NLP, but more than that... The understanding that all thought is false. All beliefs are contrivances. That the identity we present to ourselves is based on a lie. We are not our thoughts, we are not our beliefs, we are beyond that and consciousness is everywhere.

    Words are representations, but further than that... our "self" is a representation.

    Does anyone understand this? Do you know of people or workshops that might assist in uncovering core beliefs to this level?
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    I think meditation can be the "state of mind" you may search for. There is a point where you get beyond your constant inner self does feel very good...

    Did you look into the works of Osho? He has a book about the "false" ego, at least there is one here in Germany. It is a good start...

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  3. Hinduism and Buddhism have been preaching this for a couple of thousand years
  4. I have been curious about NLP for a while but could not find a beginner's book, something not too theoritical that would be easy to read. Couldn't find one. I once browsed "NLP for traders" at the bookstore and it wasn't a very exciting read. Only recently did I buy Anthony Robbins "Unlimited Power" which I am reading at the moment and there is a lot of NLP in it. But I suppose you know that book already.
    Maybe I will get "Frogs into Princes" after that. I did try some NLP exercises and there is some really amazing stuff. Also it got me even more interested in hypnotism. Now I am looking for good books to learn hypnosis.
  5. I liked Osho much better when he was Rajneesh. What a character! When asked what he thought about the woman who brought him down he said, " shes a bitch." then smiled and said, "but I love bitches." He died of a broken heart when he had to return in disgrace to India because no other country would take him after the U.S. deported him.
  6. might find that Insight Meditation (also called Vipassana) offers what you seek. It is believed by its practitioners to be the method Siddhatta Gautama (the Buddha) taught. On a more intellectual level, I found the the collected works of Karen Horney (recommended by Victor Sperandeo) to be very helpful on the issue of the destructive nature of the false self-image. Best regards.
  7. Do I smell Schopenhauer?
  8. Kurt Vonnegot wrote of a "guru" teaching Transcendental Meditation and that you could only go a particular person so that they could find your "sound" you use when you meditate. Can someone who might know of this elaborate?
  9. I had receive some courses about NLP at engineering school. Frankly these stuffs make me laugh it just ressembles the promise by scientologists of exploiting the superpower of brain to control others haha ! Btw have just posted this "Using the Church of Scientology's secrets to fix Washington"

    Frankly if you need drugs, hypnosis or I don't know what other hallucinogene techniques to help you feel yourself, sorry you should rather look yourself in a mirror honestly.

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